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In this level, one can understand and use everyday expressions and very basic sentences that have to do with meeting basic needs. It assists you in learning expressions and phrases that are used to convey sentences that are related to meeting certain demands.


In this level, one may understand sentences and expressions related to topics that are directly related to his or her current situation. can communicate clearly and directly with others in everyday situations. It includes the exchange of knowledge on well-known and frequent themes. One can easily describe his or her background, education, current location, and other details related to immediate requirements.​


In this level, one can understand the key ideas when concise, formal language is used and familiar topics from work, school, leisure, etc. are the main focus. can handle the majority of circumstances that one might encounter while traveling in the language region. The ability to speak clearly and simply about familiar subjects and hobbies.


In this level, one can understand complex texts' major ideas on both concrete and abstract subjects; able to understand specialized talks in one's special field of expertise. You can communicate with native speakers so easily and fluently that a typical conversation. Students will be able to articulate clearly and concisely and explain one's opinions on a current issue and list the advantages and disadvantages.

Certification Examination Preparation Modules

How To
Goethe Certification Exam Pattern Explanation
We provide the overview of the Goethe Exam Paper pattern.And help you understand the paper pattern better.
Writing Practice
Writing skill is very important for some one who is learning Germna language.we give you tips which help you to express your self well and improve you academic writing skills.
Listening Practice
We conduct many listening sessions which helps you to better understand native speakers.We give you tips to improve your comprehension and listening skills.
Orals Practice
Adequate and effective orals practise is the key to success in the certification examination.We help you with valuable tips and strategies to excel in Orals skill.
Model Paper Solving
We understand Model paper solving is an essential part of certification exam preparation.All our students solve at leat 7 to 8 Model Papers.This will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to maximize your success when solving model papers


International Curriculum

For the A1|A2|B1|B2|C1 and C2 level exams, we follow the international curriculum. It handles every single part of the exam.

Authentic Study Material

We provide a variety of educational materials and routinely distributes handouts for vocabulary development, understanding grammar, etc.

Highly Qualified Trainers

German language instructors at GLC are highly qualified and have more than 8 years of combined training and job experience in MNCs.

Presence All Over Pune

We have our offices at 3 locations in Pune 1. Hadapsar, Pune 2. Kalewadi phata, Waked 3. Kothrud, Pune

Customized batches

We have separate batches for Working Professionals, Housewives, and Students. We have morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend batches for working professionals.

Audio Visual Library

Access to our audio-visual library for every student. You can use our library to prepare for different exams.

All-day access to Centre

Students have all-day access to the centre for all students who wish to learn German at any time.

Exam Preparation

We have a 100% result record. We provide practice papers before exams, provide separate sessions for exam preparation So the students are certified with good marks.

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Benefits of learning German language in India

1. German is a widely spoken language in Europe

German the mother tongue most commonly used in Europe is German (Deutsch). It is spoken in additional countries other than Germany. Countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg all speak it as their language. Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Namibia, Russia, Romania, the Czech Republic, and North Italy (South Tyrol) all have substantial German-speaking populations.

2. Worldwide job opportunities

For a German language learner, India presents many possibilities and wide scope of career opportunities. Fluent speaking German language broadens career opportunities in India of different fields like medicine, financial services, healthcare, logistics, education, transportation, tourism, entertainment and many more industries. Germany is the motherland of many international companies it involves BMW, Bosch, Volkswagen, Adidas, SAP and Siemens. Having German language proficiency helps you to grow in multinational organizations.

3. German career scope in India

Many International companies set up business in India. It will increase many job opportunities from German and foreign companies abroad as well as in India. Multiple MNCs like Amazon, BMW, Accenture, Audi, Oracle, and LG are recruiting German language experts for onsite and offshore work. There is always demand for Trainers, Professional German translators, and content writers.

What Our Students Say

I have learnt A1 Level – German Language here. Guys I would like to recommend this Institute for German language Courses. Best Trainer | Infrastructure | Friendly Atmosphere. Well All the Topics got Clear like Anything. Amazing Experience so Far.
Mr. Satish Deshmukh
This is the Best institute for German Language classes in Pune. I would recommend you all for this German language classes.

Miss. Samiksha
Before moving along with I felt that taking in the German dialect would be a difficult task, this thought has been cleared all since I joined here , which has superb instructors ..awesome showing strategies n all. I am much more happy after Learning.
Mr. Rakesh
Over all its really a fun Learning here. I enjoyed a lot. German is not that easy I thought , But Institute make it easy for us. We have created a good group here . Learnt lot of things together. And best part is I am Certified as well.
Mr. Siddharth
5/5 - (205 votes)