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Today, many people who learned English as their first language are beginning to appreciate the importance of learning a second (or third) language. Spanish is at the top of the ‘second language wish list’. As second most native speaking language in the world influence of Spanish language over world is increasing years after years. So to travel the world as businessman , employee , student , sportsman , politician , explorer etc.  you need to understand the Spanish language to establish communication with around 480 millions Spanish speaking peoples around the world.

Benefits of Spanish learning

  • Employment purposes.
  • Educational purposes.
  • Business
  • Personality development
  • Better travelling experiences
  • Archeological studies . etc.

Why us?

Our institute is founded by wxyz in year 201X . Our we are one of the leading spanish learning classes in pune we have almost X YEARS of spanish coaching experience and our all teaching faculty has actual experience of working in different states of Europe.

We emphasis more on practical knowledge and Spanish communication skill which will help you to survive alone in any Spanish speaking regions in the world.

What we provide ?

ABC Spanish classes in pune provides you the detail knowledge of Spanish language. We have expert faculty having years of experience in this field. Our mission  is motivate the beginners to adapt the language in detail which will be very helpful them to improve their career graph . we will give you perfect guidance for examinations such as LEVEL1, LEVEL,LEVEL3,LEVEL4 of the Spanish language.

We have different sessions of speaking , listening Spanish and different playful activities through which you can understand spanish language quickly and easily .we will provide you all notes regarding course . we will organize mock interviews for all students . Also we will provide you certificate of the completion of Spanish speaking course of our reputed institute. As one the best Spanish classes in pune we ensure our student about our quality of our various services.

Who can join our course ?

1) Those who have good understanding of ENGLISH

2) Students (above Xth class)

3) Graduates (Any Stream)

How to contact?

Telephone no. 002-056455

Mobile no. xx323323xx

Email : www.ABC@gmai

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