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Career Opportunities in German Based Companies

Considering growth in Indian automotive and auto ancillary market, we are able to see large portion have been captured by Germany based MNC. Companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and Ford have survived and made their market based strong in last few years. This transition has brought out large number of vacancies for people who can speak, write and read german language. If an individual who knows German language will have an utter advantage when it comes to applying for any managerial position in an organisation, hence it is highly recommended to learn german language in today’s competitive market.
So, again the challenge is selecting the best German Language Institute in Pune?
There are multiple Training Centres for German Language but GLC (German Language Classes in Pune) is a pioneer of teaching German in Pune. It has a very Systematic Way of Teaching German. It follows international Syllabus and Located in 3 prime locations in pune.  There are 6 Levels in German – It rangers from Beginners to Advance-
A1- (Beginners) – Level A1 is where you learn the basics of German – Read | Write | Speak and Listen. A Person focuses on how to make a Simple enquiry in Speaking and Writing. To give Instruction. Basic grammar and simple Vocabulary.
A2-(Beginners) – In Level A2 syllabus consist of advance step, where a person can express a situation related to daily schedule, communication on general topic in proper grammatical.
 B1- (Intermediate) – In Level B he/she understands basic fundamentals of grammar in german language and can communicate confidently and fluently on self and topics related given.
 B2 – (Intermediate) – This is stage where a person can read, write and discuss difficult topics. Understand complex texts and able to discus on more complex and abstract topics. One can almost communicate fluently with the native people.
C1 – (Advance) – In C1 advance level a person has a very good command over German Language. One can express himself/herself very clearly both in speaking and writing on different topics. You are able to express your opinion on social and professional issues clearly.
C2 – (Advance) – In C2 Level a person can express himself/herself in all forms of communication medium effortlessly.
“Learning is a Skill Explore it at GLC”
The students need to appear for the certification examination for the respective levels. The German Language Classes in pune certification Authority Goethe Institut Max Muller Bhavan has their presence all across the globe. They have their Examination centres in all the major metro cities. All the different centres have their own respective time table for the certification examination for different levels. Some of the centres pre plan schedule of the certification examination in advance in the month of December for the next academic year. And some of the centres schedule the examination quarterly or half yearly. The registration process for the certification Examination is online or through Mail. The students need to visit the website of the different Examination Centres to understand the registration process and dates for registration, payment and Examination.
We at GLC take care of all the activities related to Examination and Guarantee you the results for the same.
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