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Fastest ways to learn German Language:

German is very often seen as a difficult language due to its gendered vocabulary and long words to learn, also the German language Classes in pune  grammar is not so intuitive. However, In fact, German has a lot of things favorable for it, which make it considerably easier than many other languages. When learning German, the trick is to focus on those parts of German that are easy to pick up. You can also find hacks to help you get around the parts that are perceived as more difficult.

German is a phonetic language. Which means that with very few exceptions, you can know exactly how to pronounce a word when you see it spelled. Likewise, when you hear a word you can almost always write it down. English, by contrast, has all sorts of complicated issues with pronunciation. ” Worse ” and ” Horse “, both these words are sounding differently despite having the same “OR” in the middle of them.

  • German language has No tones, which are present in learning Chinese or Thai languages.
  •  There are No post-position or preposition suffixes, which are present in Hungarian or Turkish languages.
  •  There are No strings of difficult-to-pronounce consonants, like in the Czech language.
  •  There are No liaisons between words, which are more in French language.
  • There are many of the same letters as English language, unlike Japanese or Korean languages.

1) The fastest ways to learn German is to initially set your goals and create a study plan :

  • Divide the subject into small categories.
  • Create a list of all topics you want to work on and then make a plan when to start.
  • Follow a step by step approach, rather than rushing to learn in 2 weeks and then monitor your performance.
  • Write down your goal each time as to why learning German language is so important for you. This will motivate you.         
2) The fastest way to learn German is to maintain consistency in learning:

We all know that on some days, we have no interest in reading or studying, while on many days, we can keep studying grammar and vocabulary for hours. In fact, it is very important to study regularly. Try to study German every day, in smaller modules, but more often. Your German language skills will improve much faster if you do it just one hour per day, rather than six hours at a stretch only once in a week.

3) To learn German words with their correct articles also helps in Learning German in a faster way:

You’ve probably noticed that ARTICLES are very important in German. So, when you study the vocabulary you should always consider the correct ARTICLE. It’s not just ” Haus ” for “home” in English, but “das Haus”.  If you do this right from the beginning, then it will save you a lot of work later on. Additionally, it is also recommended to learn the plural form right since the beginning. In this case: English : “the houses” and “the house”, will be in German: ” Die Häuser ” and ” Das     Haus “

4) Creating some helpful study tools will help you to learn German faster:

Initially you can start writing vocabulary and important phrases on a piece of paper. You can use post-it or some large poster for that. Then place this fast learning list all over your home. Choose the locations where you spend a lot of time, for example next to the tea or coffee machine, above the gas stove on the wall, on the bathroom and on your mirror. Whenever you are at one of these places, you will automatically have a look at the magical list and will be surprised how well it works.

5) For fastest way to learn German, you can also Invent some small memory hooks :

Many times we find some words and phrases difficult to memorize. Next day we are just blank on what we had learnt the previous day. With memory hooks, it becomes easy to remember things. Mnemonics are the kind of simple tricks that help us to understand the context of something.

6) One more trick for the fastest way to learn German is to help yourself with sketches and notes:

Each one of us has different learning abilities. Many times it may help to visualize things. So start making drawings for different words and difficult connections and also take notes for unclear aspects. Think of the German grammar, which is very extensive. It may help you to divide the grammar into small groups, which can then be indicated with different colors. Pick up a German text and underline the words with the correct color.

For example:

Nouns – Red color

Verbs – Blue color

Adjectives – Green color

7) Watch movies and TV series in German will also add up to your fastest way to learn German.

The best thing about this is that you will train your listening and understanding skills as well as your pronunciation very well quickly. Also listen to German radio and try to learn from German song videos having subtitles in English. By and by, you will understand more and more words and meanings, which will also help you to learn more about German country and our culture. Try to Interact with people who speak German.

8) Reward yourself after a German learning class or session:

After completion of a new chapter in a class or at home, Reward yourself with a chocolate, a cup of tea or coffee, as these rewards are well-deserved. Every study session is linked with something positive in our subconscious mind, and therefore, it will be very easy to motivate ourselves for more and more German learning sessions, thus helping us achieve our ultimate goal.

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