How Much time does it take to learn German levels ?

The answer is actually straight forward, it depends on you. If you are prepared to spend daily two hours in class each week, you will learn A1 level in twomonths. Normally every level takes around two months. So it will take you around two months for each level.


Let’s take a look at these factors, it will help you to learn all German Level’s within time duration.

  • Your Actual Learning Methods –

How you learn German also plays an important role, because your planning will help you to learn fast. If you have good planning’s to learn German then it is very helpful. Create your own learning methods like Reading German Books, listening to the radio or eBooks, practice of writing, use German language in speaking, Watch German movies can all help to speed up your learning process.

  • Don’t Forget Your Attitude and Motivation-

Your attitude and motivation also play a big role in how fast you learn German Language. Always make a positive attitude in your learning’s because it will be more beneficial. Never forget staying motivated is a key of success. Remind yourself why you want to start learning German, how it will improve your personality or life.

And your positive attitude opens many doors towards success.


 Always Follow All Instructions Of Your Classroom Trainer-

Following instructions of classroom trainer is the most important thing. Experienced trainer gives you many useful tricks in classroom and you must have to follow them. Trainers know everything and they have experience about how to tackle with learning issues.


  • The Time You Dedicated To Learning-

How much time you plan to dedicate to learning is very important. Learners who are willing to dedicate an hour a day to language learning gives you more understanding comparing to who just attend a class. Your dedication to learning is must otherwise it will take more than two months to learn each German level. You need to give one hour per day for learning German language, so give daily one hour for self study.


  • Your Language Learning Experience-

Already if you have foreign language learning experience then it will be more helpful. And if you are multilingual then you may save yourself some time as you learn German. Multilingual find it easier to learn a third language. Its because of practice.

These are very effective points that can help you to learn all German level’s within time duration.