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Should We Use Google Translator to learn German?

A teacher will never encourage the students to use Google Translator  to learn German language, because it can make terrible and funny mistakes. But it is human nature to use tools that will make his life easy. But Google translator is still far from perfect, but it is getting better day by day.

So it is not whether you should or shouldn’t use Google Translator , but how and when.

Easy Solution:-

If we read a  German text and then we are offered with the complete translation of the text in English served on a silver Platter, no one will take the effort to break down  and analyse the sentences to learn German . The translation offered is too tempting. It is like serving a person a sandwich on one hand ,and a bread and some ingredients on the other hand.

Is one really want to learn German don’t just translate all the text and get the translation. Instead one can do some of the things like:

  • Try to understand and make sense on your own
  • Try to identify the sentence construction in German
  • Try to find the meaning and understand the difficult words.

This process will take more efforts than just translating the whole text .This process will slowly increase the skills .Note down all the new words learned. Also note down all the new grammar you have identified. The notes you take in the process will help to learn better. And it is important to keep log of everything you do and revise it periodically.

Let the Machine assist you for writing German Text:-

Let Google Translator assist you in writing. One should try to write and rewrite the English sentences in such a simplified way that the resulting German sentences are in line with the actual knowledge of German. Try to restrict yourself to the actual Grammar and vocabulary that you will use when speaking.

This process will not only help you learn new expressions in the German Language but also with the new words in German .

A cautionary Note:- We are not recommending the use of Google Translator always for writing of text .But if you want to use it wisely.

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