Best Foreign Language Classes in Pune

In this era of globalization it is important to learn foreign languages. Foreign languages are gaining tremendous popularity looking at its immense potential. There are many multinational companies from all across the globe who have established their bas e in India. All these companies are looking out for people who are fluent in German Language institute in pune and other Foreign languages. In most of such organizations, knowledge of a foreign language is considered as an additional qualification. Infinite job opportunities form divers field open up for a person who is well conversant in foreign language. Such as Travel, Tourism & Airlines, Hospitality, BPO / KPO Sector, IT & ITES, Education & Learning, Interpretation & Translation in Private & Public Sector, Export & Import Houses, Small / Large scale businesses involving international dealing, Manufacturing, Public Relations, Diplomatic Services, International Organizations.

Why Us?

German Language classes (GLC ) in Pune has  the best and expert trainers for Foreign languages.The curriculum is designed in such a way that it prepares you for International Foreign Language Certification exams. German Language classes in Pune provides a complete suite Foreign language solutions including on-site group training or classroom training at our institute. It also Provides personal attention to each and every student. There are 4 Types of  Internationally Standard Study Material, which help you to learn Foreign Language with Ease.

The Foreign language program starts from A1 to B2 level. It help students to cover the syllabus if they miss any class due to workload in their professional life. It  helps students to find jobs in India as well as in foreign countries. Separate batches on weekdays and weekend. Trainers are always available in the institute, So students can get any assistance at any point.

• We have world class infrastructure.                                                                                          

•   We provide the best provision for education and training in all Foreign Languages                   

•   We guarantee optimum quality standards, expert service through continuous improvement in the teaching  techniques.                                                   

• We work in a strictly academic atmosphere.                                                                                

• We have highly qualified and trained trainers.

• We customize the course according to the need of the students and clients.

• We have a very cost-effective and affordable fee structure.

• We have very student friendly and academic environment.

• We also provide international exam preparation courses

• We Provide free Wifi facility

• We Provide text  books from international  author.