Foreign Language classes

german language classes in Pune
  • Weekend batches for Foreign Language classes
  • Week-days batches for Foreign Language classes

Course Name

   Foreign Language


   3 Months

Batch Time

 Weekend Batch

Why learn a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language helps boost your personality and bring a different, a more positive attitude.Learning a foreign language challenges your brain and you get the satisfaction of learning something new. From the career point of view, learning a foreign language helps create more business opportunities. It gives a helping hand in knowing other cultures and life styles which makes your international travels easy and enjoyable. We teach 4 different languages German, French, Japanese, Spanish.

Deliverable Course Levels

Level 1


basic information, instructions and simple sentences & Basic telephonic conversation.


Introduction – self and others, greeting phrases, class, individual description, appointment scheduling, expression of likes, dislikes, regrets, situational interaction.


Read and understand international words, numbers, maps and different type of texts with medium difficulty level.



Can write simple informal messages, brief messages like postcards, information about oneself, fill in a questionnaire with personal details, can write simple description of everyday objects and can label diagrams and charts.