Which Foreign Language is easy to learn?


Which Foreign Language is easy to learn?

Studying a foreign language has numerous rewards! Not only it is interesting and exciting but beneficial at all ages Being into the Field of Foreign Language , We all have a different reasons to learn a new language, We have been getting these kind of questions regularly. In an age of increasing people’s and globalization, It can benefit your career prospects, School and College education, emigration, studying abroad, travel, and pursuing your hobbies and interests. We understand there are plenty of Foreign Languages available to learn Like- German | French | Japanese | Spanish etc, Choosing the right foreign language to learn is a very Important subjective thing and often very difficult to answer.  But selecting the best having good scope | easy to learn | interesting to learn is the most important factor and Career Options in Foreign Languages is one of the important motivation while selecting a language I guess. Let’s answer the question. Now Every Language has its Pros and Cons and it takes lots of time, effort and persistence to learn a new language. Therefore, It is always advisable to study a foreign language because that has more career scope and demand.  But According to Us. Dutch and French are probably the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn, but French isn’t particularly useful so German would be your best. Spanish and Portuguese are also up there in terms of usefulness and ease of learning. Speaking from experience French and German are pretty easy.
Here are some important pointers to consider.

1) German (Deutsch)

German language, this is the easiest language for native English speakers. German is the most widely spoken in Germany. German language is an important language in the history of religion and philosophy as well as science and technology. It is second most popular foreign language in India. The five main reasons:-
  1. i)Most spoken native language in Europe. It is official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many more countries. 
    ii) Germany is one of the Technology Giant and people from all over the world travel to German for various purpose and ability to speak German offers plenty of  Career opportunities in many big German companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BASF, Daimler, Bosch, Siemens  BMW and Ford have survived and made their market based strong in last few years, German is a most preferable choice in the field of Science, Engineering, Automobile, etc.
    iii) The German language is part of academic curriculum in more than 500 Schools and Colleges in India including more than 250 Central Govt. Schools (Kendriya Vidyalayas) alone. 
    iv) Germany is an economic powerhouse And It’s a “First Move advantage” – Like French, German government initiated to promote German in India several decades back. In 1957, “Max Mueller Bhavan” was first inaugurated in Kolkata. In fact, The first German lessons in India were imparted in Pune and Mumbai in 1914.
    v Germany’s universities have an excellent international reputation and among with the best in Career opportunities the world.  Their wide array of scholarship, Proficiency in German language plays an important role if you’re planning to go Germany, Switzerland or Austria for higher studies.
German language is almost similar to English Language, because English and German share 60% of their vocabulary and some Part of Grammer. English Language has 26 Letters and German Language has in all 30 Letters. German and English language shared lots of common Vocabulary like January in English and Januar in German. Even 80 of the 100 most common words in English are Germanic in origin. Most frequently words in German Language and English Language are from the same roots.
The words with the most of similarities are often simple, functional words like:  my, the, be, which and would which are used for almost 50%-55% of all spoken English. In part of pronunciations, listening German and English are often incredibly similar. There are more examples of this type of similarities between German and English. These similarities help you to learn German in easy way. German is easy language for learning compare to other foreign languages.
Some of the Common Examples are –
Months in English  
Months in English  
Months in German

2) French (Français)

French is a popular foreign language to learn in India. Since French is the part of most School and College curriculum in india and other countries in Asia, More than 1 lakh students studying French in Delhi / NCR only. Add other Indian cities, the number will be staggering high. 
French is also one of the best foreign language to learn for jobs in corporate sectors in India. Many multinational companies use French as their working language in a wide range of sectors (fashion, education, banking and finance, export and import, travelling, retailing, education, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, etc).
Most spoken native language in Europe. It is official language in Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia and more
Learning French language in India and other countries in Asia  can be a career asset in several sectors.